Trump Strikes Arms Deal With Saudis worth $350 Billion

Covert Geopolitics

Trump’s Raytheon stocks are soaring again. More than a billion dollar worth of Raytheon made munitions are estimated to be part of the package, i.e. a $350 billion worth of deaths and destruction have been sealed between the US and the House of Saud today, $110 billion of which is due for delivery as soon as possible.

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Texan Noble Energy & Israel are Stealing Gas Reserves in Gaza


Covert Geopolitics

It can be said by now that the primordial intention why Palestinian lands must be usurped by the Rothschild agents in the Middle East is to plunder the natural resources hidden beneath the Levant Basin. The Levant has throughout history meant Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.  The discovery is the largest discovery in the history of Noble Energy, “more than 40 Tcf of natural gas resources in the Levant Basin”.

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