Distraction #Charlottesville

Another orchestrated divide and conquer tactic. Everything is a racket and a rich man’s trick.

Covert Geopolitics

There’s a noticeable onslaught of headline grabbing events being foisted on our faces, and they are effectively diverting our attention to what really will hit us all domestically as the year is ending, i.e. another Western financial meltdown.

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John Kelly, Asserting Authority, Fires Anthony Scaramucci | NY TImes

Covert Geopolitics

WASHINGTON — John F. Kelly, President Trump’s new chief of staff, firmly asserted his authority on his first day in the White House on Monday, telling aides he will impose military discipline on a free-for-all West Wing, and he underscored his intent by firing Anthony Scaramucci, the bombastic communications director, 10 days after he was hired.

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Bill Clinton’s War Against Yugoslavia

Clinton a prequel to Bush

The Most Revolutionary Act

The US War on Yugoslavia

Michael Parenti (1999)

This talk, one of my favorites, is 1999 talk about about US empire. It offers quite a stark depiction of a US foreign policy consisting primarily of continual wars of aggression against democratic governments that thwart Wall Street Interests in exploiting their natural resources and labor force.

Parenti begins with a brief overview of colonization, starting with Western Europe’s colonization of the Slavic peoples and England’s colonization of Ireland. He goes on to to describe how India and Africa both enjoyed advanced and wealthy (far more wealthy than Europe) civilizations until they were invaded by European armies and their economies destroyed.

He proceeds with a detailed inventory of America’s continual invasions, bombing campaigns and covert wars around the world. The last half of the presentation focuses on the deliberate break-up of Yugoslavia by the US security state, demolishing the myth perpetuated by…

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Priebus Out, Gen. Kelly In: Swamp Draining May Start Soon

We will see what we will see

Covert Geopolitics

You’re fired! The Donald just said this to Apprentice Reince Priebus, who was suspected of leaking White House secrets to the Deep State media and Congress. The latter’s replacement is Homeland Security Chief John Kelly, who is expected to start draining the swamp in earnest.

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