• OK I have not written a post in many months, choosing to simply share and archive the wealth of knowledge gleaned from others such as RICHIE FROM BOSTON, COVERT GEOPOLITICS,  RIELPOLITIK, DAVE HODGES, ALEX JONES, RT, and others. I finally have something to say based on my own observations concerning CHEM TRAILS and the ENGINEERING OF CLIMATE CHANGE ,as a black war crime against humanity.
  • After weeks of estensive Chem trailing of our skies over South Jersey which starts before dawn to dusk, we finally had two beautiful  blue skies and summer like sunny days. Hmm ….No Planes, Blue skies, no Chemtrails, normal scattered puffs of Real Clouds, but mostly just clef clean blue skies.
  • Not one person I have mentioned this to seem to gives a shit  , or even knew what Chemtrails are.  I have realized how amazingly ignorant and indifferent the 99% of dumbed down Americans have become and wonder if it is the Chem Trails themselves that create the lethargy and apathy. WHAT ME WORRY ? 

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