All tyranny from the left and the right is sponsored by the Synagogue of Satan. The Fake Jews Fake News World Order . Trump may be the only good billionaire on the planet, or maybe we are all fooled, But he is putting Christian American Family values first, and to me that is most important. I am no fool, I do not go to church I do not believe that Adam and Eve rode on Dinosaurs and I am aware of the Cult of Pedophile and hypocrisy of the Jesuit  order of Satan and the Catholic Church . This is how all organized government and religion is corrupted. Believe in God , the ten commandments and the sacred right to life, not Fake political ideologies,  sales pitches and rich man’s tricks. ALL WAR AND TERROR IS STATE RUN, AND THE FORCES OF EVIL AND DARKNESS. Pray to your creator, whomever you call him or her and let CONSCIENCE,  NOT SCIENCE be your guiding lightm


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