After a 48 hour vacation from CHEMTRAILS, the Poison Pilots have returned to Atlantic County, NJ, and probably everywhere to resume their Global Genocide Geoengineering.  Why did we get a break after a month of continuous  infestation ?

I think they needed 

to analyze their data collected by this utility monitor that was chained to the curb in my neighborhood 

SBack to Bu$ine$$ for the Mad  $cientist$ who deny what they Really are doing, poisoning our Air, water, crops and children by creating get FAKE CLIMATE CHANGE , to somehow reinforce the Wall Street Warmongers Carbon Trading Ponzi  scheme that has failed after decades and trillions of investment in FAKE NEWS, Fake Science and Disinformation. Operation $olar $hield and Agenda 2030 will also fail. The Global elite Pedophile Cannibals of the ZioNazi Neocon Synagogue of Satan are being exterminated,  and freedom and Justice for all humanity will return, God willing.


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