Thanks to Richie from Boston on YouTube for his relentless agitation against the Chem trailing Puppet Masters who have been pumping our skies full of heavy metals and poisoning our air , water, crops and people. We have e,perfect extensive Chem trailing over the past month. 

Has anyone noticed these blur currently especially marked Climate Response Division Survey Services monitoring boxes in their neighbourhoods? 

The box is gone today June 14, 2017 and we have had three days of BLUE SKIES AND NO PLANES 95 DEGREES.  I am sure the powers in charge are evaluating the data collected to see if we are ready for more contamination or if the levels are sufficient for their secret purposes. What’s next holographic fake alien invasion or the fake return of christ, project blue beam in concert with operation solar shield ? Look up the Chem trails will be back to murder our blue skies, you better believe it sweetheart.


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