2Funny how Global Terre is not on the list. Must be an open secret that they, the Bilderbergs have designed and funded the entire operation since the murder of JFK, RFK, MLK, 9-11, JFK,JR.,ETC , up to and including the Fake Arianna Grand Manchester bombing, etc etc. This is not a problem for the ELITE, in fact it ‘s their tool to rule by fear.

Covert Geopolitics

The top echelon of the Deep State will converge once again to evaluate what they have accomplished in the last 12 months, where did things go wrong, and how to sustain the Slavery System on the planet, without any of the slaves knowing that the ball chain upon their neck does exist.

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2 thoughts on “Bilderberg Meeting Attendees and Agenda for 2017

    1. I don’t see him on the list, he sent Mc Master. A big PSYOP IS COMING TO USA SOON. The times Square fake driving attack was conspicuously NOT claimed as ISIS terror but a lone wolf Domestic Terror attack , just a prequel practice round for things to come by the same travelling CRISIS ACTORS. Bilderberg Brothers Greatest Show on Earth’s clowns have their orders no doubt.


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