KO unskillfully tries to invert the truth to portray Trump as the leader of the ‘elite cabal’ that has destroyed democtacy (democratic party), when the BUSH-CLINTON-ROCKEFELLER-SOROS-ROTHSCHILD & THE BLUE BLOODLINE FAMILIES OF THE EURO-ROYALS are in fact the real CABAL who own the multi national  military industrial complex, and who for mental globalism, neo colonial imperialism, famine, war, terrorism, drug addiction, human slavery trafficking and the economic construct of Fiat currency and endless wars of offensive conquest and genocide against targeted asset rich nations who oppose the global agenda of the Synagogue of Satan. Yes ISRAEL is the world’s greatest threat to peace , freedom and equality, and they are the Terror State that fuels global terror , human trafficking and drug addiction as a specialty in concert with the other elite elements in the western covert geopolitical swamp. 


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