GlobalResearch By Prof Peter Dale Scott When the uninitiated think of the “Deep State,” they tend to imagine a group of men getting together in a room, smoking cigars and plotting world domination.…

Source: Donald J. Trump and The Deep State


4 thoughts on “Donald J. Trump and The Deep State

  1. I really like Peter Dale Scott – he’s really effective at identifying the various divisions in the ruling elite – the main one being between the eastern banking families and new money, like that of the Kochs and defense contractors. I think Scott is right – that Trump has been careful to include both branches in his new cabinet.

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    1. Don Trump, the new American Godfather has a sit-down with the ruling families. Deals will be made, and heads will roll. I wonder if the People are really going to be taking back any power as the main force driving policies, but there’s room for hope.


  2. Clearly Godfather Trump must strike deals with the “families” to maintain order and contol, I suspect some of the Ben Fulford claims that David Rockefeller and and Nathan Rothschild are already dead are dubious at best, however tantalizing . It gives us pause to reflect on the changing hierarchy within the global patriarchal puppet master- slave market system and the mob war within the secret elite ruling class swamp.


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